• Best Selling-V8 Cordless Vacuum

    VOCAMP V8 Vacuums feature a robust 250W motor with 28KPa suction power, along with 3 working modes, a removable battery, and 2 HEPA filtration systems. It also includes LED lights, a display screen, and innovative 150° wide-angle and 90° vertical brush head designs, ensuring effective cleaning of dust and pet hair.

  • Best Value-R9 Cordless Vacuum

    VOCAMP R9 Vacuums offer powerful 24KPa suction across 2 working modes, and innovative 150° wide-angle and 90° vertical brush head designs, all at an affordable price to meet your basic cleaning needs.



UL& FCC Certification

UL certification and FCC certification mean our products have undergone rigorous safety and performance testing, ensuring you are purchasing high-quality, safe, and reliable products that also meet regulatory requirements, giving you peace of mind.

Free Ultra-Fast Shipping

With local warehouses, we ensure fast delivery to your doorstep, and it's free shipping!

12-Month Warranty

Enjoy premium service with your purchase, ensuring a worry-free experience!

30-Day Return Guarantee

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Powerful Suction

There are multiple suction modes to choose from, and the powerful suction can effectively vacuum up various types of debris, including dust, hair, pet food, sand, and more. It's highly suitable for households with pets.

Versatile Cleaning

The 150° wide-angle brush and 90° vertical brush head, combined with multiple attachments, allow for thorough cleaning in any scenario!

Easy to Clean

With easily detachable parts and effortless cleaning, our vacuum cleaner makes your cleaning routine a breeze!

High Cost-Effectiveness

Our vacuum cleaner offers versatile features, practicality, and excellent value!